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Well we’ve been in Nashville for officially an entire month already and we are in love!!

We wernt’t so sure when we first got here, there is humidity here. Lots and lots of humidity. There is no humidity in Lake Tahoe California. But luckily good ol’ Fall has decided to roll around and say hello to us here in the beautiful South. Which also means, our Fall candle line is officially released! Which if you’re reading this on our website, you have probably already figured out. But seriously, our fall candles are our favorite. “Just chai your best” is the perfect combination of cinnamon and chai. “She’s my apple pie” is of course mouth watering and makes is smell like you’re baking a pie. ““Pumpkin Everything” well of course we had to have a classic pumpkin pie candle, duh. “Come on baby let me light your campfire” is all the wonderful smokey campfire smells without your clothes and hair actually smelling like campfire for a week.


But seasons aside, we have really been loving our time in Nashville. We’ve been greeted with more than open arms and now we feel like Tennessee will always be a piece of our heart. The second week we were in Nashville we hosted a solo pop up shop with our candle line at our new friends yoga studio called Inner Light Yoga where they play good ass music that makes you want to actually work out and get into it, like a lil Biggie for instance. They are super nice and we highly recommend taking a class there if you’re ever visiting Nashville!


We’ve also met a ton of badass shop owners and who all happen to be all female owned businesses! Which makes it alot of fun to make new gal pals here in Tennessee and compare business tips and ideas. Each new shop in Nashville has been in a completely different area which always feels like a completely different world but everything here is only 15 min away from each other. Each area is a completely different vibe which has been awesome to see such a collection of unique boss babes. Our first new shop we started selling in is The Gifted Horse. The owner and I immediately hit it off chatting about music when a Ty Segal song came on and the conversation started fluidly flowing. They sell tons of local artists which reminds me alot of The Rogue Craft Fair in Reno.


We also fell in love with the bolt babes over at Alexis and Bolt in Germantown. They have the best apparel and obviously candle selection, and not to mention the most fashionable babes to chat the day away, not to mention they always have some fun event or concert happening there


We also met our soul sister of rock and roll and business. Gina at Dirty Living is seriously a badass rock and roll queen. We want everything in her shop, seriously we want every band tee.


Safe to say, we really love Nashville. They are our kinds of people. We also may or may not have picked up a thick southern accent in the last month but thats neither here nor there.

Keep up on our blog to see what our next chapter or adventure with Tuff Peach will be!

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